Friday, July 27, 2012

I play a lot

I play, a lot. I like games!

I have played tons of games in the past. Ranging from text based browser MMORPGs to big installs that make my computer run hot.
Right now I am focussing on two games.
League of Legends, where I am currently playing ranged champions. 
Minecraft, where I have about 5 worlds running on my windows and 3 on my Mint, and in addition I am playing on a multiplayer server. Yes, I play Minecraft on the computer, not on the Xbox, I am not one of the "cool kids".
Apart from that, I started playing a few games by Zynga, but I am generally annoyed by those games. They suck, they make the browser freeze and they are too annoyingly time consuming, as you have to stare at your screen so much while doing nothing but waiting. Really not my thing, I think I will quit them soon.

Apart from computer games, I play "old school".
Something, I recently discovered, are pen&paper. Very fun, I must say!.
Another one of my all-time favourites, Munchkin. A hilarious card game, you have to love it!
But I am very certain that these are games, that I will not tend to ramble about.

You will find a new post all the time. I tend to get very annoyed at times, so there might be some light ranting envolved, just bare with me :D

So let the blogging begin!

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