Monday, July 30, 2012

Caitlyn here I come and a ks - rant

Yesterday I played two more matches with Ashe and won, therefore the five are complete.
So for 13.5 levels I have played Ashe almost exclusively. Right now I think she will remain my favourite but you never know.

I will now start playing Caitlyn until I know her well.
Right now I am watching videos on her game play, mostly with commentary so I understand the choices made. I like to be AD carry so I will try to do that with Caitlyn as well.

In general I found that the best matches are those where the team just works together and doesn't chat or curse the whole time. I like those most. You can just play and you know that your team will be there if you need them, and your team knows that you will be there when needed.
Haven't had too many of those but yesterday, one of the matches was exactly like that. It felt really good playing with that team.
As I am a moron, I did not add any of them to my list...

One thing I find highly annoying: "ks! fuck you, noob!"
I admit that some people might do it on purpose but I doubt that the majority of players is running around just trying to killsteal.
I will share the situation when I got this line:
A team"mate" being ganked.
I reach him as he is down to about 80 or so health. The two enemies who did the gank are both on about 500 health. I am Ashe, well fed, well built. I kill both enemies, my team"mate" does not die and our team gets the kills.
I don't care WHO did the kills, just as happy if someone else would have done them. But my team mate did not die, the enemy did.
I did not killsteal! I saved your ass, sucker!

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