Sunday, July 29, 2012

Five wins and runes

As I am getting better with Ashe I decided to play five more wins with her and then move on to Caitlyn.
I have played Caitlyn a few times when I started, because she was free, and I enjoyed it. The moment I could, I unlocked her, but haven't played her even once.

Right now I am three wins into this. Two more to go.

Yesterday I started my first runepage.
After this set up, and although it doesn't look like much, I did feel a difference in the gameplay.
I do not yet fully understand how to put the runes and why to put what where. I had help to set it up.
But once I understand it better, I will let you know why I make what desicion on the runepage. For now I just follow what I am being told and it only led to better gameplay so far.

Soon coming a list of links that I find useful for learning this game.

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