Sunday, October 7, 2012

LoL Playoffs

So the play offs of the second World Championship of League of Legends are over.

Here a few of my thoughts:

Some matches were really great.
I loved some new strategies that I didn't know of, like the teleport split push! Wonderful idea! Can and did secure a win. 
I have two new favourite teams.
I knew about Moscow 5 before and saw a few matches but now I like them even more, they play well, I love the strategy! And they are real sportsmen, they play the game, they do not seem arrogant, and I can not say that about all the teams.
Like I did not like Taipei Assassins for the simple reason that they seemed pretty cocky and I don't like such an attitude. But this is just me personal opinion.

I fell in love with Invictus Gaming, they played pretty aggresive but also with a lot of strategy.
Newcomers NaJin Sword from South Korea seemed pretty nice and they did play pretty well but from what I saw they won't win this championship. They are by far not as professional as for example Taipei Assassins or Solo Mid. I think if they wanna stay in these top ranks they will have a lot of work ahead of them. Probably will see them next year again.

The finals are on 13th October and I will be there to watch.
I personally will shout and sweat and "mindping" the map for M5!

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