Sunday, September 16, 2012

After long absence

I haven't posted anything here for about three weeks. Sorry for that, I was moving.

But now back, with interesting stuff:
I have dropped learning Caitlyn for the moment and started looking into other roles.

  • Support: The first one was Soraka in a support role. This is what Soraka is mostly known for. She is a great support and the build suggestions are not too bad if you do play support.
    BUT after a few good matches with her in that role I wanted to try her as AP and you may not believe that but she is great and does a good deal of damage with her Q if you level it early and buy items for Magic Resist and Ability Power. Sounds like it's not much but you would be surprised! If play her well, you stay in lane and even in teamfights very long. I usually chose Flash and Heal for the D and F buttons which means that over all I have 3 heals! Flash to get out of or into range. So in a teamfight, given that you aren't out of position, you last, keep yourself and even the whole team alive and do a good amount of damage in addition. Here is a guide on Soraka in the AP role.

  • Jungle: The second thing that I tried was Nunu for Jungling. Now this was a very interesting experience. I found that it is really difficult to keep up with the leveling if all you do is jungle. A lot of times you go for a gank or the jungle monsters. Not a lot of XP, with Nunu's ult though not too bad. He needs a lot of Magic resist and health items as far as I see it.

  • Last but not least: Of course I did not stop playing my favourite Ashe. Today I had my personal highscore on the EU West Server. 7 kills, 0 deaths, 11 assists. Here my screenshot.

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